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We shall seek refuge among our own; no matter where on Earth is it.

Nedercore (from Neder[land] + -core) is...

A statement of hope for a better life?

The yearning of many who come here from their wasted homes?

The impossible place between today and tomorrow?

If we are to interpret what Nedercore stands for,
we ought to look through the lens of an immigrant, one who seeks a better life in another place

Nedercore draws and originates from the rose-tinted view
of Western Europe by not only the immigrants from the Eastern Europe,
who got the chance to experience a humane life; but it is also born out of
the utopian view of the region as the near-perfection of what human society can be.

Nedercore in itself is not a change, but rather welcomes the change with open arms; it isn't either a guarantee of the utopia

It is rather a sense of hope that we can at one point reach the goal; a transitionary period between "now" and "soon"; it may be no utopia, but it will be a beautiful world for everyone nonetheless

Nedercore rejects any strain of thought that inherently harms the poorest, puts the oppressors on a pedestal, enforces the limited hierarchy of the now

The radical acceptance of those who in the "now" got the short end of the stick is a great step into the utopia; we are individually capable of fostering a world for those who got outcasted by the modern society.

Nedercore is inherently anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-ableist, anti-classist

It is the foundation to the utopia many on the left aspire for: from socialists to anarchists.
We may not be in the perfect tomorrow, but we are able to lay the foundations for it.

While we may not build the house, we may provide a safe ground for it to stand on without being
bulldozed by the oppressive class.

However, Nedercore also rejects political purity. We are all capable of mistakes.
We extend hands to those who went into the dark paths and bring them back on our track into the future.

We recognize that a common man is not born evil; but that the modern society formed them
into the fascism's obedient student.

The gods of our modern world shall perish, and be casted into the bin

We shall no longer praise power and assimilation on a pedestal

The Future is an Immigrant; We Shall Welcome Future As Our Own

The Future is a Queer; We Shall Embrace Future As Our Own

The Future is Disabled; We Shall Accomodate Future As Our Own

The Future is You;

We Shall Treat Future As Our Own